TrackingBox® is a solution developed to manage and measures transport quality and the wholeness of the goods. It is also a great tool that allows the tracking and supervision of the transport of delicate and/or high value goods.

How does it work?

The whole system is composed of one or more individual IoT devices: the TrackingBox® , an event management software platform and for certain scenarios, a cell phone app.

The TrackingBox® devices are modifiable according to the preferences of the user. This allows the device to be geo-located and measures multiple physical parameters: impact, position, temperature, humidity, pressure, light and opening among others.


The device is attached to the container, box or the good itself and it registers every data obtained by its sensors in the internal memory. The frequency of measurement is defined by the user accorded to the via of transport and kind of goods.

Once it has arrived to its destiny, or during the journey, all the data is analyzed, which allows the user to know the conditions and specifications of the route including impacts, falls, humidity, cold chain failure, excessive heat, etc.

When the versions include communication systems like 3G/4G, GPRS, SIGFOX…, it is possible to periodically send information whenever the scenario allows the function of the selected system.

Benefits of this Solution

The main goal of this solution is to measure the quality of the offered service .

Whenever there is a damage of the goods, it’ll let you know how, when and where this happened.