IoT Solutions

Despite we are manufacturers and hardware designers, at Egeon Technology we are not only providing devices connect to the Internet of Things, we also want to provide complete solutions to our customers that allow them to apply technology in their business areas in a simple and straight way.

Our solutions are highly flexible, being able to adapt easily to a wide applications spectrum depending on the needs and the type of business of our clients.

Find & Rescue

Find&Rescue is a telematics mangement system for teams of professionals whose work takes place in hazardous environments, developed in collaboration with SAMUR Protección Civil de Madrid for its application in the field deployments of emergency teams and security forces.


eButton® is a marketing solution developed to improve customer service and significantly increase sales level in its various areas of application.
It is also, in some scenarios, a powerful control and management tool for human resources.


TrackingBox is a specific solution for logistics services in general and, in particular, for those where the care taken during transportation is essential to guarantee the quality of the used logistics chain and for the transported products integrity.