We are manufacturers!

We manufacture our own products with the latest systems. We have the necessary machinery for the assembly of both THT and SMT circuits: Pick and Place, vapor phase soldering, visual inspection system, BGA rework system, etc…

and we place your product on the market as well!

We can have our production process available to our customers and manufacture their products, pre-series and final production series, check and deliver them ready to use or distribution.

Autotronic SMT BS384V1

Speed and flexibility are the priority versus large amounts.

Pick & Place of midrange machine. It offers great possibilities for small budgets. It can ensemble up to 5000 SMD per hour, including 0201, QFPs and CDPs, and up to 0.5 pitch millimeter.

Vapor Phase Soldering

The most advanced SMD soldering system. BGA or QFN surface soldering are possible.

  • No overheating.
  • Atmosphere 100% inert (rust-free).
  • Ecofriendly.
  • Improved work with lead-free paste.
  • Uniform heating pattern on the PCB.
  • Same final temperature for every component.
  • Voids-free Welding (1% max.) thanks to the vacuum technology.
  • Minimal thermal variations.

Martin Auto Vision Expert 09.5

BGAs, QFPs. µBGAs, CSPs and PLCCs are expensive and, many times, difficult to assemble or repair components.

It is profitable to repair plates replacing these damaged components or remove them from the PCB and start a new one.

In order to provide our customers the best service at a reasonable price,we have included this machine to our manufacturing/repairing line.

LPKF Protomat C60

Guided by our experience, we can state that it is necessary to have a simple prototype plate in a matter of hours.

If this happens to us, it is certain that it will also occur to our clients.

For these situations, we purchased this multipurpose milling machine.

Thanks to its big working area, it can produce from SMD printed circuit boards, up to small series with very fine drivers, including faceplates with contours, holes, engravings, etc.

Shuttle Star BS 110

Semiautomatic machine that applies the solder paste from the lineup of screen printing. Manual adjustment of the framework and guidance of the spatula, it ensures a correct and uniform application of the paste. It has excellent accuracy thanks to the fine tuning micrometers.

Martin Dot-Liner 06

When either technology or price requires it, we also have this automatic dispensing of solder paste.

It provides drops dispense for micro SMD and although not intended for production, it is ideal for prototyping and small productions.