Security in the Internet of Things is OUR priority

Egeon Technology - IoT Seguridad por DiseñoThe Iot keeps exponentially growing, adding many other devices to the network built by the ones that we daily already use. It is hard to find a TV that doesn’t connect to the internet, same than most appliances. It is a great gift that we are able to enjoy all the possibilities that this connection serves us, but are we aware of its “dangers” and consequences? Do we count on “safe” appliances in our homes? Are they secure enough?

Cybersecurity awareness is slowly increasing, but we are still far enough to what we should consider. As in the user´s minds, it’s not a priority yet. They don’t expect hackers to see them as their victims, and they let their security in hands of their WiFi or router service provider, which they haven’t even configured with a new password different than the provided yet. As a result, all these devices are vulnerable and refrigerators are used for “spam”, or even worse, to coordinately attack certain web sites.

From the perspective of companies and industry, always considering price over security, this is considered and unnecessary over cost. Also, they think that they are secured enough with computers that are malware protected. But the reality is that they are still very vulnerable and any hacker attack means an extreme lost.

Hardware Security

Considering all this, the main and biggest problem that the IoT needs to face is the insecurity attached to the network connected devices. This has been our main concern during last years and therefore we have developed our own security systems based on hardware.

We use this technology in all of our products, so every communication and data is delivered with a high-level security attached, which equals the specifications required for military devices.

In this article, published by “El Confidencial” newspaper on the 28th of March, 2017, you’ll find a brief explanation about the current situation in IoT security.

Egeon Technology- Security by Design

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