4YFN – Goal accomplished, Thank you!

Our stay in the 4YFN (4 Years From Now) trade show was incredibly satisfying. Firstly, we got the chance to get a more accurate idea about what is now trending in the technological sector, which includes solutions that will be available in the next months rather than in the next 4 years. We could also increase our network by including new companies whose main activities are very related to Egeon’s.

By other hand, we have achieved what the fair aims for us, small and medium companies. The main purpose of the fair is to connect emerging technological companies with investors that can financially support and push their creations anytime those small companies have certain guarantee success and look suitable to the investors criteria. We have gotten to the investor’s attention as Egeon Technology being a to-watch-and-cooperate company, to a point that they have listened to all of our products and solutions and we have obtained a very positive feedback

It is also remarkable the interest that came from visitors and, especially, by other exhibitors who found in our projects a perfect fit for their own solutions.

During the 4YFN, there were many Software, Cloud and Apps kind of projects and products. All these ones represent the end of the information transfer process where the treatment and presentation of data takes place. But what about the information? Where could we find devices that create and manage the information? Egeon Technology was the only one that could give response to this concern. With the devices, we are the only company that can generate all this data. Our work is to create the doors that enable data to be measurable. It is the first level of the information procedure. It is with Egeon’s Hardware that all those other products can have the data to work with.

Although it’s still too early to determine the success of the presence of Egeon Technology in the 4YFN, we keep very positive thoughts and feelings about it. This is why we want to thank all of you who came to visit our stand and paid attention and respect for our IoT-solutions.

We want to also thank MovilForum, from Telefonica, for having us this year, and vey especially to Miguel Angel Fernández Ros for his respect, support, efficiency and all the attention and dedication he paid to us.


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