Egeon Technology will introduce their “eButton” solution during the 4YFN tradeshow

During the 4YFN tradeshow (4 Years From Now) Egeon Technology will introduce their “eButton” active marketing solution, developed to promote customer service and substantially increase sales for every kind of business or service. Also, when applied in certain scenarios, it is a strong management and human resources tool.

The 4YFN is an international tradeshow organized by Barcelona Mobile Word Capital during the GSMA Mobile World Congress, taking place in Barcelona from February 27th to March 1st.  Its goal is to create a network of startups, investors and corporations. EGEON Technology’s booth is the O3.3, located at the M8 pavilion of the Montjuic fair.

The “eButton” solution from Egeon Technology

The whole system is composed of one or more individual IoT devices: the eButton, an event management software platform and for certain scenarios, a cell phone app.

Devices are placed in those departments of the store where advice of a specialized associate is required or where a specific service could be requested.

When the eButton is pushed, a message is sent to the event management platform via GPRS, 3G/4G, WiFi or other networks.

The platform registers and analyzes every message, taking a predefined action according to each button: push, email, sms, customer service assistance, cart, mobile app…

Among multiple immediate benefits from this solution, a substantial increase in sales and customer service quality are most notable, as well as recognizing customer purchasing pattern and the improvement in management of human resources.

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