Egeon Technology has been selected among the 10 European companies for the EENA CrisisTech Startup Programme

EGEON Technology consists in an expert team of professionals backed up with an extensive experience in electronic systems design and manufacture. Our efforts in technological security and costs reduction for our manufacturing process, allows us to always offer our customers excellent money value on their final projects and products.

Either we go hand to hand with our customer’s technology development or we use our own technology for their projects, it is that we assist them with all our knowledge and experience from more than 30 years of career.

Areas of expertise



Sensors, activators, detectors… Using radio, Wi-Fi, cable… Hubs, routers, MODBUS – Tcp…
Our IoT line of products is based on modular elements, which gives us a complete flexibility when setting up an infrastructure and services for IoT.



Hardware, IoT devices… they all need to be protected. We have a deep knowledge of hardware securing by inserting in our devices algorithms of identification and certification based on elliptical curves, TRNG, etc.



We design and manufacture the UGA – Audio Management Unit-, main piece for the airport control towers that ensures communication between Tower and the aircraft. We have also designed several communication systems for ISDN. We are currently preparing a new line of IP intercoms.



We have designed and manufactured the only USB storage device approved by the national cryptographic Centre (CCN). We have designed and manufactured the hard drives used aboard the MRTT as well, military version of the A320. We have a reliable career in safe storage system’s design and manufacture.



Based on customer’s specifications, we also develop project BY “key in hand”, providing all the source’s codes and data needed for the specific manufacture. We sign confidentiality agreements to protect our customer’s technology.



From the idea … to the product, we assist our clients all the way from designing to manufacturing, including the prototyping stage. At EGEON we have our own prototyping and small series chain, allowing us to provide test drives in short amount of time, as well as to manufacture series of up to 2,000 units.

Our contribution


We design with the aim of reducing costs while mainteining quality and performance. This is possible by choosing the most appropriate technology, accurate components, and more effective providers.


We consider every potential necessity of the phase of industrialization since the first level in designing, considering boxes, tests chain, packaging cost, etc. This allows our design to be industrialized with minimal changes from the prototype.


All the way from the idea to the product: Electronic design. PCBs Design and manufacture. Procurement of components. Manufacture of prototypes. Production in series with batches of up to 2,000 units.


All our products are currently working in their optimal condition among high sensitive environments. They are approved by The most recognized certification authorities.


We develop products for both clients that totally or partially trust us their projects and for our own company.
We use up to date design tools and systems and the latest technology to our work.

Confidentiality and privacy



Electrical design

PCB´S design

Mechanical design





Almost done! Thanks to our manufacturing line of prototypes and small series, our customers can see their ideas made real in few days. They can also test their products before the market placement.

Prototype is the stage before the final series production and the market placement.

We check every necessary stage

BOM for manufacturing is closed

We generate the code object to burn in the micro, DSPs, etc

Gerber of the PCB are released

Egeon Technology is always next to our clients to give them our experience and to support them so they get a device with the best features and quality possible.


We are maufacturers!

We manufacture our own products with the latest systems. We have the necessary machinery for the assembly of both THT and SMT circuits: Pick and Place, vapor phase soldering, visual inspection system, BGA rework system, etc…

and que place your product on the market as well!

We can have our production process available to our customers and manufacture their products, pre-series and final production series, check and deliver them ready to use or distribution.

If you want to know the means of production we have, please click here